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SEC Filings

TERRAFORM GLOBAL, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 06/15/2017
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Liquidity Position
Total liquidity position as of December 31, 2016 and 2015 was as follows:     
As of December 31,
Cash and cash equivalents
Total credit facility availability
Total liquidity
Total liquidity as of May 31, 2017 was approximately $657.6 million, comprised of unrestricted cash and cash equivalents. The unrestricted cash and cash equivalents balance as of May 31, 2017 was comprised of $565.3 million and $92.2 million unrestricted cash and cash equivalents at the corporate and project level, respectively. Unrestricted cash held at our project companies is available for project expenses but not available for corporate use. Total corporate liquidity excludes availability under the Revolver as a result of the reduction to zero and termination of the revolving commitments under our Revolver on March 31, 2017, as further described in Item 15. Note 10 - Long-term Debt. On September 2, 2016, Global Operating LLC entered into a second supplemental indenture to the indenture governing the Senior Notes, under which Global Operating LLC agreed to repay the borrowing currently outstanding (other than the outstanding letters of credit) under the Revolver, as well as to restrictions on the ability of Global Operating LLC to further borrow under the Revolver until the earlier of March 8, 2017 or such time as SunEdison and its subsidiaries (other than the Company, TerraForm Power, Inc. (together with its subsidiaries, “TerraForm Power”) and their respective subsidiaries) have disposed of all or substantially all of their equity interests in the Company and an offer has been made to repurchase the outstanding Senior Notes at a purchase price in cash at least equal to 101% of their principal amount, plus accrued and unpaid interest, if any, to the repurchase date (or a binding agreement to make such an offer has been entered into).  Subsequently, on March 31, 2017, Global Operating LLC permanently reduced to zero and terminated the revolving commitments under the Revolver and entered into a fifth amendment (the “Fifth Amendment”) to the Revolver. As a result, no availability under our Revolver was included in our liquidity position as of May 31, 2017. Management believes that the Company’s liquidity position and cash flows from operations will be adequate to finance operating and maintenance capital expenditures, service debt and other liquidity commitments. Management continues to regularly monitor the Company’s ability to finance the needs of the operating, financing and investing activities of our business in light of current conditions affecting us and within the dictates of prudent balance sheet management.
Sources of Liquidity
The Company’s principal sources of liquidity include unrestricted cash, cash generated from operations, borrowings under new and existing financing arrangements and the issuance of additional equity and debt securities. We are currently unable to access the capital markets for our debt and equity securities at costs that are attractive to us. We expect that sources of funds that are available to us, including cash on hand and cash generated from our operations, will be adequate to provide for the Company’s short-term and long-term liquidity needs. The Company’s ability to meet its debt service obligations and other capital requirements, including capital expenditures, as well as make acquisitions, will depend on the Company’s future operating performance which, in turn, will be subject to general economic, financial, business, competitive, legislative, regulatory and other conditions, many of which are beyond our control.
Uses of Liquidity
Our principal requirements for liquidity and capital resources, other than for operating our business, can generally be categorized by the following: (i) debt service obligations; (ii) funding acquisitions, if any; and (iii) if and when declared by the Company, cash dividends to stockholders. Generally, once commercial operation is achieved, solar and wind power plants do not require significant capital expenditures to maintain operating performance. As of December 31, 2016, the cash consideration to be paid on account of our pending BioTherm acquisition was $9.3 million.
In addition, in April 2016, we used an additional $23.6 million to repay in full the project level indebtedness of the NSM 24 power plant in India. Prior to this repayment, the Company was in default on this project level indebtedness; however, a waiver had been obtained through December 31, 2016. On September 8, 2016, the Company repaid the $135.0 million balance on the Revolver.