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SEC Filings

TERRAFORM GLOBAL, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 06/15/2017
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four quarters on a fully diluted basis, and (ii) the corresponding distributions on the IDRs during such four quarters; and
there are no arrearages in payment of the Minimum Quarterly Distributions on the Class A units or Class B1 units of Global LLC.
Distributions during the Subordination Period
If Global LLC makes a distribution of cash in respect of any specific quarter ending before the end of the Subordination Period, the Global LLC Operating Agreement requires that it make the distribution in the following manner:
first, to the holders of Class A units and Class B1 units, pro rata, until Global LLC distributes for each Class A unit and Class B1 unit an amount equal to the Minimum Quarterly Distribution for that quarter and any arrearages in payment of the Minimum Quarterly Distribution on such units for any prior quarters;
second, subject to the provisions in the Global LLC Operating Agreement relating to the limitations on distributions on the Class B units during the Distribution Forbearance Period, to the holders of Class B units, pro rata, until Global LLC distributes for each Class B unit an amount equal to the Minimum Quarterly Distribution for that quarter; and
thereafter, in the manner described above under Incentive Distribution Rights.
Compulsorily Convertible Debentures
As of December 31, 2015, the Company had INR 650.0 million ($9.6 million) of unsecured compulsorily convertible debentures ("CCDs") denominated in Indian rupees issued and outstanding to SunEdison.
During 2016, SunEdison transferred to the Company all of the CCDs held by SunEdison.
Support Agreement
Immediately prior to the completion of the IPO on August 5, 2015, Global LLC entered into a project support agreement with SunEdison (the “Support Agreement”). Pursuant to the Support Agreement, SunEdison granted the Company call rights with respect to projects identified therein by SunEdison (“Call Right Projects”) that had an aggregate net nameplate capacity of 1.6 GW (or reasonably equivalent projects), and SunEdison was contractually required to offer Global LLC additional qualifying projects through the fifth anniversary of the completion of the IPO that were projected to generate an aggregate of at least $1.4 billion of cash available for distribution during their respective first twelve months of commercial operation. At the time of the IPO, SunEdison had pending agreements with third-party developers to acquire clean energy projects that had an aggregate capacity of 4.2 GW, which were expected to be added to the call rights list under the Support Agreement. In addition, the Support Agreement granted Global LLC a right of first offer with respect to any clean energy projects (other than Call Right Projects) (“ROFO Projects”) that SunEdison elected to sell or otherwise transfer during the six-year period following the completion of the IPO and that were located in the Company’s initial target markets and other emerging markets that the parties mutually agreed upon.
Following the SunEdison Bankruptcy, SunEdison breached the Support Agreement and the Company will not acquire any of the Call Right Projects or ROFO Projects. On September 25, 2016, the Company announced that as a result of SunEdison’s breach under the Support Agreement and other agreements constituting the Sponsorship Arrangement, the Company filed claims against SunEdison in excess of $2 billion. The claims include, without limitation, claims for damages relating to breach of SunEdison's obligations under the Sponsorship Arrangement and other agreements; contribution and indemnification claims arising from litigation; claims relating to SunEdison’s breach of fiduciary, agency and other duties; and claims for interference with and the disruption of the business of the Company, including the loss of business opportunities, loss of business records, failure to provide timely audited financials, and the increased cost of financing and commercial arrangements. Many of these claims are contingent or unliquidated; estimated amounts may change substantially as circumstances develop and damages are determined. Although SunEdison has not formally rejected the Sponsorship Arrangement, it has breached its obligations thereunder and the Company has additional claims for rejection damages.
As discussed in Note 1 - Nature of Operations, on September 25, 2016, the Company filed its initial proof of claim in the SunEdison Bankruptcy case, which was amended on October 7, 2016. This proof of claim asserted claims based on, among other things, SunEdison's breach of the Sponsorship Arrangement between the Company and SunEdison, which included the Support Agreement. The Support Agreement will be terminated upon the effectiveness of the Settlement Agreement.