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SEC Filings

TERRAFORM GLOBAL, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 06/15/2017
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Option Exercised and Stock Vested
The following table sets forth certain information concerning stock option exercises and the vesting of restricted stock units during 2016 by the named executive officers of the Company.
Option Awards
Stock Awards
Number of Shares Acquired on Exercise (#)
Value Realized on Exercise ($)
Number of Shares Acquired on Vesting (#)
Value Realized on Vesting ($) 
Blackmore, Peter



Cranna, Rebecca



Kravtsova, Yana



Rawden, David



Studebaker, Thomas



Wuebbels, Brian A.



Potential Payment Upon Termination or Change in Control
The following table describes, assuming a termination date of December 31, 2016, an approximation of (i) the amounts due to each of our named executive officers in the form of lump sum cash severance, (ii) the amounts due to each of our named executive officers as acceleration of cash retention awards, (iii) the value of acceleration of vesting applicable to stock options, RSUs and RSAs for each of the named executive officers and (iv) a lump sum cash payment equal to twelve months of COBRA health insurance premiums due to certain named executive officers in each case in the event of the named executive officer’s (a) death, (b) disability, (c) termination without cause or resignation for good reason, (d) termination for cause, (e) termination in connection with a change in control, or (f) impact of a change in control without termination. Any actual amounts payable to each executive listed below upon his or her termination can only be determined definitively at the time of each executive’s actual termination.
Under our equity plans, TerraForm Power, Inc.’s (together with its subsidiaries, “TerraForm Power”) equity plans and SunEdison’s equity plans, an employee (including named executive officers) must be terminated without cause or must resign for good reason within two years following a change in control of the Company, TerraForm Power or SunEdison, respectively, in order to receive accelerated vesting of stock options, RSUs and RSAs. Under our equity plans, “good reason” is generally considered a material diminution in an employee’s duties and responsibilities, a decrease in an employee’s base salary or benefits or a relocation of an employee’s work location of more than 50 miles. The plans also provide for accelerated vesting upon the individual’s death or disability during active employment with the Company. We may also designate certain equity grants as eligible for acceleration in circumstances beyond those listed above.
In addition, the outstanding equity awards of each of our named executive officers are governed by the terms of their individual award agreements, which provide for full acceleration of their awards upon death, disability, severance termination/resignation with consent, involuntary termination following a change in control or change in control without termination.