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TERRAFORM GLOBAL, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 12/21/2016
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waivers and/or forbearance agreements as we seek to cure such defaults; however, no assurances can be given that such waivers and/or forbearance agreements will be obtained.
See “Item 1. Business—Acquisitions” above for additional information relating to the Company’s acquisitions, including transfers by SunEdison or third parties to the Company of additional equity interests in various renewable energy projects. The Company expects to continue to acquire additional renewable energy assets. However, other than the BioTherm transaction discussed elsewhere in this annual report, the Company has no commitments to make any such acquisitions.
Interest Payment Agreement
Immediately prior to the completion of the IPO on August 5, 2015, Global LLC and Global Operating LLC entered into an interest payment agreement (the “Interest Payment Agreement”) with SunEdison and Holdings, pursuant to which SunEdison agreed to pay an aggregate amount equal to all of the scheduled interest of up to $81.2 million on Global Operating LLC’s Senior Notes through December 31, 2016 and up to an aggregate amount of $40.0 million in 2017, $30.0 million in 2018, $20.0 million in 2019 and $10.0 million in 2020, plus any interest due on any payment not remitted when due. SunEdison’s interest support payments due to the Company have been reduced by $2.9 million as a result of the $49.6 million of the Senior Notes that were extinguished under the open market repurchase program that began in December 2015 and continued through January 2016. SunEdison will not be obligated to pay any amounts due under the Senior Notes in connection with an acceleration of the payment of the principal amount of such indebtedness.
Upon expiration of the Distribution Forbearance Period (as defined in Item 15. Note 18 - Related Parties), Global LLC will be entitled to set off any amounts owing by SunEdison pursuant to the Interest Payment Agreement against any and all amounts owed by Global LLC to SunEdison under the distribution provisions of the Fourth Amended and Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement of Global LLC (the “Global LLC Operating Agreement”), and Global LLC may pay such amounts to Global Operating LLC. For the year ended December 31, 2015, SunEdison was not required to contribute capital to fund interest on the Senior Notes or credit facility payments.
The Interest Payment Agreement terminates upon payment by SunEdison of all amounts owing thereunder. It may, however, be terminated prior to that by mutual written agreement of SunEdison and Global Operating LLC and will automatically terminate upon the repayment in full of the outstanding principal amount of the Senior Notes or a change of control of the Company, Global LLC or Global Operating LLC. The agreement may also be terminated at the election of SunEdison, Global LLC or Global Operating LLC if any of them experiences certain events relating to bankruptcy or insolvency. Any decision by Global LLC or Global Operating LLC to terminate the Interest Payment Agreement must have the prior approval of the Company’s Conflicts Committee.
On July 29, 2016, the Company received a notice from SunEdison purporting to terminate the Interest Payment Agreement. The notice alleges that SunEdison's bankruptcy permits termination as of right without following the bankruptcy procedures for rejection of executory contracts. Although we do not expect SunEdison to perform under the Interest Payment Agreement going forward, the Company is contesting the purported termination of the Interest Payment Agreement, believes that the termination notice is invalid, and is asserting a claim in the SunEdison Bankruptcy for the full amount of damages resulting from SunEdison’s breach of the Interest Payment Agreement.
Cash Dividends to Investors
Our quarterly dividend was initially set at $0.275 per share of our Class A common stock, or $1.100 per share on an annualized basis, and the amount may be changed in the future without advance notice. With respect to our first declared dividend payable on December 15, 2015 to stockholders of record on December 1, 2015, we paid a pro-rated initial dividend of $0.1704 per share.
If and when we believe it is prudent to do so, we intend to cause Global LLC to distribute to its unit holders in the form of a quarterly distribution a portion of the cash available for distribution that is generated each quarter, after appropriate reserves for our working capital needs and the prudent conduct of our business. In turn, we expect to use the amount of cash available for distribution that we receive from such distribution to pay quarterly dividends to the holders of our Class A common stock. The cash available for distribution is likely to fluctuate from quarter to quarter and in some cases significantly if any power plants experience higher than normal downtime as a result of equipment failures, electrical grid disruption or curtailment, weather disruptions or other events beyond our control. We expect our dividend payout ratio to vary as we intend to maintain or increase our dividend despite variations in our cash available for distribution from period to period. The amount of cash available for distribution from period to period may also be adversely affected by other factors, such as SunEdison’s failure to perform substantially as obligated under its agreements with us, including the Interest Payment Agreement. As a