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TERRAFORM GLOBAL, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 12/21/2016
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Item 1. Business.
TerraForm Global, Inc. (“Global”) and its subsidiaries is a globally diversified renewable energy company that owns long-term contracted solar and wind power plants. Global’s business objective is to own and operate a portfolio of renewable energy power plants and to pay cash dividends to our stockholders. The Company’s portfolio consists of solar and wind power plants located in Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay with an aggregate net capacity (based on our share of economic ownership) of 916.4 MW as of October 31, 2016.
We were formed as a Delaware corporation under the name SunEdison Emerging Markets Growth and Yield, Inc. on September 12, 2014 as a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of SunEdison, Inc. The name of the Company was changed from SunEdison Emerging Markets Growth and Yield, Inc. to SunEdison Emerging Markets Yield, Inc. on September 26, 2014. The name change from SunEdison Emerging Markets Yield, Inc. to TerraForm Global, Inc., became effective on April 1, 2015. Following our initial public offering (“IPO”) on August 5, 2015, Global became a holding company and its sole asset is a 64.8% equity interest in TerraForm Global, LLC (“Global LLC”). Global is the managing member of Global LLC, and operates, controls and consolidates the business affairs of Global LLC. Unless otherwise indicated or otherwise required by the context, references to “we,” “our,” “us” or the “Company” refer to Global and its consolidated subsidiaries.
Our principal executive offices are located at 7550 Wisconsin Avenue, 9th Floor, Bethesda, Maryland 20814, and our telephone number is (240) 762-7700. Our website address is
The diagram below is a summary depiction of our organizational structure as of October 31, 2016:
(1) Both SunEdison, Inc. and SunEdison Holdings Corporation are debtors in the SunEdison Bankruptcy (as defined below). SunEdison’s economic interest is subject to certain limitations on distributions to holders of Class B units during the Subordination Period and the Distribution Forbearance Period (as such terms are defined in Item 15. Note 18 - Related Parties). In the future,